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Dear Volunteer,


Please allow me to express to you that the students, employees, parents, members of the Okeechobee County School Board and the community as a whole appreciate all you do.  The countless hours spent by our school volunteers could not possibly be repaid in monetary awards because your contribution to the well-being and growth of our young people is priceless.


As you know, the range of services provided by all of our volunteers is beyond measure.  From one-on-one tutoring and mentoring of a child to assisting in the media center, computer lab or offices, your talents aid in the smooth operation of our schools.


In addition to your benefiting our schools, each of you will reap untold rewards as you see that light in a child’s eyes or the smile on a little face when a student knows that you care enough to be there.  The community at large also receives from you each time you give to a child; the long-term effect of a volunteer’s time results in positive public relations for our school system and our students.


We trust that your experiences as a volunteer in our school system will be positive and rewarding.  Our staffs stand ready to assist you at any time.  We thank you for all you do and extend to you a warm welcome.




Ken Kenworthy

Superintendent of Schools


Investing Time to Aid Learning